The Meaning Is You
The Meaning Is You

An Open Mind–Don’t Close It Deliberately

Our view of the world is shaped by our experiences. Everyone has prejudices.

I am white, male, North American, Canadian. I have never experienced war. I have been poor but never impoverished. I have never starved. I was raised in a religion that defined itself as the ideal of 'Christianity'. I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I define my own beliefs.

I have never lived in a poor country. I have never lived in a neighbourhood or city where the majority are non-white. I have had few non-white friends. All of these limiting experiences will affect how I see others who are different from me. Who I am and what I have experienced limits my understanding of others.

I would be a fool not to recognize that I will see things from a limited point of view. I understand from what I know, who and what I am, where I have been, that I will see others through the filters created by my upbringing and journey through life. I try to keep an open mind while knowing that I may be prejudging others in different situations than my own.

Approach your judgements with caution, leaving the door open to new information that may totally alter how you see others. Knowing, and accepting, that you can misjudge and prejudge others helps to keep your mind open.

Where is Your Turning Point?

If we are to understand enough about our selves to become the person we want to be,  then we must discover within our self a leverage factor, a turn point that allows us to be our own master.

There is no doubt that we are complex beings. Each characteristic, be it rational, emotional, physical and chemical or spiritual, has its own complexities and barriers to understanding.

So much of our understanding is limited by our language, by the words we use to tell ourselves and others what we are thinking and what our thoughts really ...

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The Journey*

Some would say that it is the hypnotist's voice, and others say that it's the choice of words, while still others say that it is your mind that creates a quiet meditative state with thoughts and images.

So, sit back comfortably, with your feet flat on the ground and your head straight up. Gently place your hands on your lap facing down. Let yourself relax and feel the comfortable.

Together, we are going to take three slow deep breaths. Listen very closely to the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale. Feel yourself ...

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Thoughts In Technicolor

Thoughts are not a thing nor are they fact.

A thing  is an object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to: "that metal thing"; "things I'd like to buy".

You cannot take a thought out to measure, weigh or touch it. It is not a thing. A thought is a series of electrical impulses in your mind. When you focus on something, the thoughts relate to that thing. When you allow random thoughts to come into your mind, a lot of thoughts are just random pulses.

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How Do I Change?

Wanting to change is the starting point.

First you must understand and accept that you want to change. You must understand and accept full responsibility for what you want to change. No one can change you unless you are prepared to accept change.

1. Identify what it is you want to change. Change comes about as a result of insight. That ah-ha moment when you recognize that something has changed in your thinking to make you see yourself in a different light or from a different point of view.

2. Examine your ...

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Understanding - The Power of Your Thoughts

The single most important thing is Understanding. I learned this from many people both from books and conversations.

There is no secret Understanding that you don’t already know. You are just not yet aware that you know it. Many of the popular psychology writers provide similar information in a more or less direct fashion. I hope that this article helps you become aware and make use of what you know.

Sidney Banks explained the Three Principles that govern how we interact with our environment.

The first Principle is Mind, the life force that ...

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Just As I Thought

Our brain is as unique to each of us as a fingerprint and our perception of the world is just as unique. We build our idea of the world thought by thought in the privacy of our mind.

From the time we take our first breath through every moment of our lives, our minds are generating thoughts. Our minds become a tool when we focus on being in balance, on our environment, or working on a specific task.

Balance is achieved when we are aware of ourselves as a single being, not separate physical, spiritual, ...

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Finding Peace And Calm

Life is a journey best lived in the moment. The past is what we remember of our experiences. It is no longer real. The future is what we imagine will happen. It is not yet real. The only time we have in real time is now, this moment.

Our brain is as unique to each of us as a fingerprint. Our perception of the world is unique. We build our idea of the world thought by thought in the privacy of our mind.

From the time we are born to each moment in life we ...

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Joy Is A Thought

Sure, you connect to the world with your eyes and ears, but it is your thoughts that give everything meaning. Without thought, your life would have no meaning and no feelings.

So how you think makes a difference to how you feel. Thoughts create meaning,  and as a result, feelings.

Your mind is a tool. You can direct it and focus it on solving your problems, on what you are doing and thinking in the moment. When you are not using your mind as a tool or focusing on something you are doing then random ...

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Thinking About Thoughts (A continuation)

Your thoughts are the answer to everything you experience.

How you respond in your thoughts to what life throws at you determines how well you feel.

This rule is true for all human beings....

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